Submit the files to the patient's profile via form below.
What papers can be required?
During the preparation and on the way to Russia.
Photos of the passport are not accepted - only color scanning is required!

The copy will be rejected in cases where the passport is out of the picture or glare is present.

Both pages of the passport, including the edges, should be displayed without fingers and foreign objects overlapping the image.

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A color copy of the document may be required when creating an invitation, if you receive a visa on the territory of a foreign country.

The agency assumes the costs of notarial translation and apostille of documents.

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After you receive your visa, please make a copy and attach it to your profile using the form below.

A copy of the visa received will be required to create an application for inclusion in the list for crossing the border on the unified portal of public services, during the period of restrictions on entry into the Russian Federation.

Also, this document is required in cases of exceeding the period of stay in the country and other situations related to migration legislation.

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To prepare and implement the goals of your trip in the purpose of treatment, the agency company must perform a wide range of services and practical actions on your behalf.

If you make a deposit without providing the contract in the proper form, the bank will return your funds back, and you will lose time and money debited for the commission for the refund operation.

Therefore, please pay attention to the requirements for a copy of the signed agreement:
  1. Print the agreement in color.
  2. Sign it only with a blue ink.
  3. Make a color scan of all the pages of the signed document. (Photos of the agreement are not accepted)
  4. Submit the contract to the patient's profile using the online form on the website.

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The agency contract is concluded with the patient, therefore he is the official payer.
But, practice shows that quite often the deposit under the contract is made by relatives or the funds come from the fund of the company to collect donations.

In such cases, in order to avoid a refund of your deposit, we must promptly provide the Bank with a statement written on your behalf and confirming the details of a third party acting as a payer under your contract.

A sample of statement will be attached in the letter along with the payment details.

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After the funds are sent, you will receive a payment confirmation from your Bank.

Make a copy or photo of this confirmation and send it via the form on the website.

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Please do not forget to complete transfer application before departure.

This action is required regardless of whether you have already emailed your tickets or not.

This action will help to avoid misunderstandings and further inconvenient situations.

If you are experience difficulties with application, simply send your e-tickets via form below.
Almost always, closer to discharge, patients change their return ticket to a more convenient one.

We will appreciate timely information on tickets change via app or uploader form,

Thank You!