Application tips:
This form is intended to provide details for visa invitation and contract.
After the form is submitted, patient will receive an id number of the created profile.

Family members of the patient and accompanying persons are able to order an invitation for visa indicating patient's id number. It's required to link them with the patient's profile.
The invitation for the patient is free, but the cost for additional invitations will be added to the total amount under the contract.
Unified form for patient and accompanying persons
Provided details shall be used for issuance of an Invitation for Visa
Preparation of contract and sample of payment order
Information for the patient:
Make sure you have the following requirements:
- The date of admission to the hospital
- The location of the consulate in accordance with state jurisdiction
- The validity of the passport exceeds the validity of the requested visa by at least 6 months
- Single e-mail address for communication and paperwork during preparation and travel
Mandatory fields are marked in red. The profile won't be created if the admission date is missing

The cost of issuing one business invitation for visa is included in the amount of the contract.

Information for the Accompanying Person:
Make sure you have the following requirements:
- ID number of the Patient
- The location of the consulate in accordance with state jurisdiction
- The validity of the passport exceeds the validity of the requested visa by at least 6 months
- Personal e-mail address (shouldn't be the same as the patient's one)

The cost of each invitation will be added to the amount of the patient's contract.
An application to the FMS may be rejected in cases where the passport goes beyond the image or highlights are present.

Check the validity of your passport:
You won't get a visa if it is valid for less than 6 month after the alleged departure from Russia.
If there are no blank pages or the validity ends, you'd better issue a new passport

There are no restrictions on the file size, however, keep in mind that an image captured by a modern cellphone is quite large, so it may require some time to upload it after clicking the "send" button. Meanwhile, do not rush to refresh the page - wait until the message will appear, indicating the result of action. In case if something went wrong - you will see the revelant message and you'll be redirected on the same page again.
Please, do not use CAPSLOCK
And follow the normal case of letters, where the first capital, the rest lowercase
A sample of input is indicated in each field

Please do not enter your name or surname twice, together with other names or else
Details in your profile will be used in the form they were provided

In electronic correspondence we will refer to you with your Name + Surname

In official Russian documents, the following sequence is used for spelling the full name:
Surname + Name + Other Names

Details for the visa invitation will be retrieved manually, directly from the image of your passport
Customs and Migration Services identify your full name from the last line in your passport.
The picture above shows a few suitable examples
You should specify your actual travel dates - nevertheless, the system can independently increase the length of stay (visa validity) by changing the dates of entry & departure, for example, in the case with business visa for 90 days. Keep in mind, that it doesn't mean that you'll have to stay longer in the country, or arrive strictly on the date specified in the invitation. There are many factors leading to such an adjustment, as: Your citizenship, preferred visa type and processing terms for relevant invitation, purpose of visit, place of appliance (location of consulate) employment details and others.

In order to avoid mistakes calculating duration of your stay for visa, we recommend to use an online application, to calculate duration between two dates (entry and departure)
And don't forget to include the end date into your calculation! (1 day is added)
Dear patients, please specify the actual dates of your trip.
The system will automatically calculate the start date of the visa taking into account possible quarantine measures, regardless of whether your country is specified or not.
Note: After clicking send button, application may require some time to send details and to create your profile. Please be patient, and do not rush to refresh the page until you'll be redirected to the policy or a "smth went wrong" message will showed up, thank you)))

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