This page will help patients to prepare for travel
Citizens of the following countries
are undergoing treatment at the moment
The most profitable is to obtain a tourist visa for 3 months with a double entry.

In order to avoid mistakes calculating duration of your stay for visa, we recommend to use an online application, to calculate duration between two dates (entry and departure)
And don't forget to include the end date into your calculation! (1 day is added)
Online calculator of duration between two dates
Moscow is serviced by over ten airports, several are international:
1. Sheremetyevo Airport Terminals D, C, F, (SVO-C, SVO-D, SVO-F)
2. Domodedovo Airport (DME)
3. Vnukovo Airport Terminal A (VKO-A)
4. Vnukovo Airport Terminal B (VKO-B)

All of them are located outside the city, at about the same distance from the Hospital, so you can choose any of them.
Hospital on Google Maps
We do not recommend to rent apartments in the private sector, due to a possible discrepancy between the declared condition and cost. There are a several hotels which are the most popular between our patients:
1. Izmailovo Hotel complex
(Average distance, cost & apartments)
2. Hotel Pervomayskaya
Located on the same street as Hospital
(Low cost, apartments are below the average)
3. Mercure Hotel Baumanskaya
Located in the middle between the Hospital and the center of Moscow. It will take more than 30 minutes to get to the hospital.
(Advanced cost & apartments condition)
It's the main document for obtaining a visa.
Visa invitation can be ordered in registration form simply by checking the box (passport image required) But before filling in, check the nearest location of the Russian embassy, you will need to indicate the name of the city, where your invitation will be addressed.
The invitation for the patient is free, the processing time can vary from 1 to 14 days, it depends on the country and type of visa.

Family members of the patient & accompanying persons can order an invitation for visa using the same form and specifying patient's id number. Cost of services for accompanying persons will be added to the total amount of the contract.
The page of Russian Visa Support
All visitors planning to visit the hospital are required to register, but the first person who needs to complete application is a patient!

The information provided into the form is protected by a privacy policy and will be used to create a contract, an invitation for visa, visitor passes and for other organizational issues.

The number of created profile (id number) and terms on processing the invitation for visa will be sent on the specified email.

Please, pay attention to the application tips provided in the drop down list above the form
Link to registration form
Provisions were created taking into account all the necessary conditions for the successful implementation of the treatment program for a foreigner, who arrived without any additional assistance or accompany.
The cost of the contract is fixed and Includes all necessary conditions:
Pre-transplant examinations including non-core diseases & ICU procedures if necessary. Accommodation & 24/7 observation by qualified & experienced medical team of the multidisciplinary Hospital. Nutrition and care are tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Visa & booking assistance, meeting and transfers are also included, therefore, all that remains for the person - is to buy a round-trip tickets.
Contract and Order of Payment
Only after you've received an invitation with details of inviting party, you're able to submit application for visa at the website of the Russian Consular section.
You should specify all the details in strict accordance with details indicated in your invitation.
Online application for visa to Russia
After you will have your e-tickets, please complete transfer application.
This action is necessary regardless of whether you've already sent your e-tickets to the hospital administrator or not.
If you arrive together and on the same flight with your family members, the application must be submitted only on behalf of the patient.
We'll follow your flight online, so do not worry if it is delayed. Our driver will meet you holding a sign with your name.
Migration card will be provided at the passport control in the airport of Moscow.
Arrange your meeting and transfer
Admission to the hospital on the appointed day is allowed from 09:00AM to 09:00PM.

In case if you've arrived earlier, you'll be picked up on the admission date from the Hotel where you've stayed. (Pick up time you will know from administrator, usually it's 11:59am) Transfer is included in the contract price.

Due to the global pandemic, no visitors are allowed on the territory of the Hospital!
Sightseeing Tour of Moscow
It often happens that patients change their ticket in search of a more suitable flight or convenient time of departure.
If your flight tickets has changed - simply contact hospital administrator or complete patient's transfer application checking the box with details of return flight.

Use the direct transfer application to arrange meeting of your family members. Our professional drivers will be happy to meet your visitors and will bring them directly to your room.
Also you can reserve the date for sightseeing tour on the page with related services.
Order additional transfer
There are many reasons for this, for example, a more convenient reception date may appear, or vice versa, you'll prefer come a little bit later.
Patient's ID number will be sent by email after the patient has completed the authorization for treatment. It's a 4-digit code used to link applications from family members and accompanying persons of the patient with his profile.
If you have a citizenship of one country but live in another one, you can obtain a Russian visa in the country of your living in the case you have a residence/work permit.
Private rental can also cause difficulties in registering a migration control card at the place of arrival.
The date of entry specified for visa means:
You can't come earlier - But you can arrive later.
The date of departure specified for visa means:
You can't stay longer - But you can leave earlier.
Family members of the patient & accompanying persons can order an invitation for visa using the same form and specifying patient's id number. The cost of invitation will be added to the total amount of the contract.
Invitation must be issued only by the official organization accredited by the MFA of Russia or by Tour Company included in the Unified Register. The authenticity of your invitation can be checked on the web of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
Migration Card
The migration card consists of two equal parts the size of a passport page. You fill in both.
Then the employee of a custom tears one of them off and takes it; another one stays in your hands. Put it into your passport and don't lose because you will have to show it to the customers when abandoning Russia.
The Validity of the Visa
It is more convenient to travel on a business visa - there is less chance of exceeding the period of stay. Violation of the law will cost you more than 2,500 Euros, as well as deportation with the subsequent inability to visit the country for the next five years.
Learn more about Russian Visa
The page of Russian Visa Support - will tell you about the basic rules of visiting the country, what documents are required for this purpose.
Unified application was made in order to reduce the number of questionnaires filled out by patients and their accompanying persons.
You can use it to register your visit to the clinic for treatment or an annual check-up, or as a caregiver.
At the same time, you can order an invitation for a tourist or business visa.
Extension of a tourist visa in case of force majeure circumstances
Extension of a tourist visa in case of force majeure circumstances that do not allow you to complete the trip within the legal validity period of the visa.
Required Papers:
1. Visa Application Form (Provided at the FMS office)
2. State duty payment (1000 rubles)
3. Copy of Passport
4. Copy of Visa
5. Copy of the Migration Card (Arrival customs)
6. Copy of Migration Registration (Accommodation authorities)
7. An explanatory note in a free form with the reason for the expired visa.
8. Fingerprinting (Performed at the FMS office)