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National Scientific Facility belongs to Federal Strategic Objects and located on the closed area on the edge of Moscow City. Fully autonomous medical complex consists of eighteen specialized departments supervised by own maintenance infrastructure - it's like a small town in a big city, that provides high-quality medical care based on the use of modern high-tech methods of diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention.
1. Department of cardiovascular surgery
2. Department of diagnostic and operative endoscopy
3. Department of gastroenterology
4. Department of gynecology
5. Department of maxillofacial surgery
6. Department of medical rehabilitation
7. Department of neurology and clinical neurophysiology
8. Department of surgery №1
9. Department of surgical treatment of complex heart rhythm disorders and pacing
10. Department of traumatology and orthopedics №1
11. Department of traumatology and orthopedics №2
12. Department of ultrasound and x-ray surgical methods of diagnosis and treatment
13. Department of x-ray surgical methods of diagnosis and treatment
14. Hematology, antitumor drug chemotherapy and marrow transplantation department
15. Neurosurgery department №1
16. Neurosurgery department №2
17. Ophthalmology center
18. Department of neurology for patients with cerebral circulation disorders
An unique opportunity to solve most health problems in one institution, using, above all, a comprehensive approach to the treatment of diseases and the well-established interaction of highly qualified specialists by almost all the main directions of medical science.
A State-of-the-Art Treatment
Hematological, Oncological and Autoimmune Diseases

This Department performing more than 200 different types
of hematopoietic stem cell transplants
You won't have to experience a sense of anxiety every night staying at the nearby hotel. No need to rush at early morning for appointment - as the treatment is fully carried out in Hospital under 24-hour supervision.

The accommodation standards and quality of medical care in the Department are at least equal to those of leading American and Western European medical centers.

The team of the clinic, taking care of the patients' health every day, sincerely believes that transplantation of peripheral hematopoietic stem cells is the way to your recovery.
The team of the clinic, taking care of the patients' health every day, sincerely believes that transplantation of peripheral hematopoietic stem cells is the way to your recovery.
  • Aseptic boxes — separate chambers equipped with special air and water purification systems designed for bone marrow transplantation in a wide range of diseases (lymphomas, myeloma, leukemias, lymphogranulomatosis, etc.), treatment of patients with severe immune system disorders, which reduce the risk of infectious contamination patient with microorganisms.

  • The water and air purification systems - ensure a constant supply of sterile air and water and are an integral part of aseptic boxes

  • Cytapheresis systems — high-technology devices for collecting stem hematopoietic cells, red blood cells and other blood elements necessary for bone marrow and stem cell transplantation in a wide range of diseases.

№1 on MS
Our accumulated experience
is 10 years of follow-up applying stem cell transplantation to the treatment of autoimmune diseases.
More than eight hundred patients underwent this therapy with autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in our Department.
The rate of MS stabilization of our patients is about 75-90% after transplantation and 90-95% during follow-up period for RRMS
10 years of Experience
The contract is your guarantee against any unforeseen situation.
We carefully weigh risk and benefits of transplantation in every individual case.
HSCT Contract value is fixed and includes absolutely everything the patient needs,
all the necessary examinations and procedures, including resuscitation and examination of non-core diseases. Your good mood and confidence is one of the components of successful treatment. Implementation of it takes start for us from the day you've completed questionnaire.
Legal Possibility and Protection
Performing a package of legal agreements and all necessary forms of documentation, for the purpose of providing the possibility to obtain appropriate medical services in a proper manner, and in accordance with applicable laws for foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation .
Medical Localization and Consulting
Consulting the patient with clarification of the procedure of medical examination and treatment at a specialized medical facility in the Russian Federation.
Providing competent translation of the medical history, medical findings, analyses, medical and other documents by engaging a specialized organization.
Furnishing relevant information for the purpose of selecting at the patient's discretion, in reliance on medical and other documents, and relevant lists/forms/questionnaires, completed by the patient himself, so that the he could make a decision independently.
Guaranteed Financial Insurance and Confidence
The necessary means for payment for the treatment are reserved on the account and are written off only after the beginning of treatment.
All the ancillary services for the patient and relatives are always provided in advance.
We never interrupt treatment in the event of late payment.
Visa Issuance Assistance
Russian Visa Support team is a recognized expert and innovator in the field of qualitative and professional visa processing in any country and even in difficult cases. We are always aware of the changing passport and visa rules and new requirements for the applicant.
We cooperate with former and current employees of the passport and visa services, who know the methods of guaranteed resolution of any problems.
Over the years, we have been faithful to our principles, which are based on five key values: innovation, professionalism, efficient and unmistakable solution of the client's tasks, first-class quality of the services provided at all stages of work, responsibility for fulfilling our full obligations.
We strive to always help people in the implementation of their plans, opening up new opportunities for them. We encourage the life of our customers to become brighter and more meaningful, full of unforgettable impressions.
Legal Responsibility for Foreigners
Undertaking to ensure compliance by the invited person with the rules of stay for the foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation,and taking all the expenses, if necessary, which are associated with temporary residence of the invited person,
his timely transfer and departure outside of the territory of the Russian Federation.
Accommodation Assistance
In order to avoid any difficulties for patients and the accompanying persons, associated with online booking using prepayment and sometimes even with poorly performing of the requested accommodation conditions
Our company has concluded agreements with a number of hotels in close proximity on special conditions, which guarantees the opportunity to choose the most suitable accommodation for you at the best price and conditions.

Advanced Transfer Service.
Professional English-speaking drivers is our insurance in your safety and comfort.
Your confident accompany and kind support, turns every simple trip into a little tour.
A cohesive team was created to challenge difficulties.

Reserving and warrantee admission date. Obtaining a trip cancellation insurance policy. Handling any everyday matters arising during your stay in the Russian Federation (Internet connection, meals taking into account the patient's preferences,
provision of hygienic products for medical purposes, etc)

We interact with the patient at all stages in the 24/7 mode before, during and after treatment.
Location in Moscow
Department of Hematology and Cellular Therapy,
National Medical Surgical Center,
70 Nijnia Pervomayskaya,
Moscow 105 203, Russia