For patients who have been approved for treatment
ALL inclusive contract
The contract is your guarantee against any unforeseen situation and associated costs.

Implementation of terms takes start for us from the day you've completed questionnaire.
We carefully weigh risk and benefits of transplantation in every individual case.

Contract provisions were created taking into account all the necessary conditions for the successful implementation of the treatment program for a foreigner, who arrived without any additional assistance or accompany.
Pre-transplant examinations including non-core diseases & ICU procedures if necessary. Accommodation & 24/7 observation by qualified & experienced medical team of the multidisciplinary Hospital. Nutrition and care are tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Visa & booking assistance, meeting and transfers are also included, therefore, all that remains for the person - is to buy a round-trip tickets.

Your good mood and confidence is one of the components of successful treatment.
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What papers can be required?
During the preparation and on the way to Russia.
To prepare and implement the goals of your trip in the purpose of treatment, the operator-company must perform a wide range of services and practical actions on your behalf.

If you make a deposit without providing the contract in the proper form, the bank will return your funds back, and you will lose time and money debited for the commission for the refund operation.

Therefore, please pay attention to the requirements for a copy of the signed agreement:
  1. Print the agreement in color.
  2. Sign it only with a blue ink.
  3. Make a color scan of all the pages of the signed document. (Photos of the agreement are not accepted)
  4. Submit the contract to the patient's profile using the online form on the website.

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Dear customers, please pay attention to the order of payment:

The contract shall be provided a few weeks before the date of admission to the hospital.

A 100% deposit for treatment of the contract price includes the cost of the medical examination, treatment and the amount of additional services provided to the accompanying persons.

In order to avoid difficulties with international wiring - all financial issues should be done before traveling to Russia.

The deposit for treatment must be credited to the account of the operator-company no later than five days before the scheduled date of admission to the hospital.

The contract is considered paid on the day when funds are credited to the operator's current bank account.

The average transaction execution time may vary from 1 to 3 business days depending on the payer country and Bank.

The appointed date of admission shall be released automatically in case of non-payment on the designated date.

In case of a negative decision after the examination in Moscow, the payment for the second stage would be returned within 5 working days.

Please, pay attention to the currency of the contract and to the currencies available for payment. (Contract Currency/Account Currency)

A sample of the payment order shall indicate the available currency for the current account.

In cases when the payment currency is different from the contract:
(For example: The currency of account is US dollars)
The equivalent amount for payment can be calculated using the cross rate between USD & EUR, established on the day of payment.

Currency Cross-rate can be learned at XE Currency Converter

After the funds would reach our account you will receive a notification-letter, that will indicate the wired amount with currency of payment, and accepted amount in the currency of the contract with conversion rate.