Arrange your meeting and transfer
During the preparation for journey you'll need to fill in only two forms:
This application is used to provide details about your arrival & departure.
Please, don't forget to complete it, regardless of whether you've already sent your e-tickets to hospital administrator or not.
Application provides the following important information: about the date of the flight, its number and time of arrival at the Moscow airport, the name of the airport and the name of destination point, such as a hotel or hospital, information about the number of passengers, whether there are children among them and other additional helpful notes if necessary.
After the form is submitted - event with you meeting and transfer will be created automatically in our schedule.

Contract includes all necessary transfers for the patient with accompanying persons if they arrive or departure together. In cases when they come separately or temporary leaves the country - you can order an additional transfer for them using the same form and your id number.
Application Tips: After pushing the "Done" button, please wait until you'll be redirected to the policy page - this means that your application has been successfully sent.